Q is out, C# is in

So yeah, Q is out. As many of you already knew because of Twitter, I left my job at the quant firm. And if you didn’t know, the main language I was working with was Q/kdb+. A very special language that has its purpose. Not going to lie, there’s something awesome about being able to load a CSV file with a few thousands line in a single line of code. And then you can do SQL like request on that just like if it was a database. But I will not miss it.

And so what’s up with the future? Well you guys know how much I love and how comfortable I am with C++. But I was offered something very nice in a new team at Unity Technologies. So while I may be doing in some rare instances some C++, I will be mostly doing C#. However, being back in the video game industry feels good. I missed it. And so far after a week, Unity is without a doubt an awesome company. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.