So yeah, Q is out. As many of you already knew because of Twitter, I left my job at the quant firm. And if you didn’t know, the main language I was working with was Q/kdb+. A very special language that has its purpose. Not going to lie, there’s something awesome about being able to load a CSV file with a few thousands line in a single line of code. And then you can do SQL like request on that just like if it was a database. But I will not miss it.

And so what’s up with the future? Well you guys know how much I love and how comfortable I am with C++. But I was offered something very nice in a new team at Unity Technologies. So while I may be doing in some rare instances some C++, I will be mostly doing C#. However, being back in the video game industry feels good. I missed it. And so far after a week, Unity is without a doubt an awesome company. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Hey everyone,

It’s been a while no? I’ve decided to reboot this blog. I first thought about just shutting it down, but after talking with some folks on the internet (mostly Twitter, so thanks Max for that). So here we are again. Except I updated the design, updated the version running this, and fix some stuff in the back. And I’ve decided that this blog won’t just be about programming and development anymore. It’ll be also about my personnal projects, whether they are tech related or not. And maybe other random things.

As for the old posts, I’ll archive them soon. I’ll post when they are available and where.

Thank you!