rsm_utils becomes rsm and is now version 1.0

So recently, I worked on rsm_utils again. Why? Mostly because I worked on another project that used it. And I came to realise that I’ve never released an official version 1.0. So what did I do? Well exactly that. I tagged a revision of git to Version 1.0. Isn’t that cool? And with that came a small renaming. I removed utils. I’ve been using rsm, RSM, Really Simply Made for a while. I’ve never really liked the “utils”, and even the namespace was only rsm(or RSM at first). So bye-bye utils.

What’s next?

Well I decided to a project in GitHub called Version 1.1. It will contain fixes, enhancements, new features. So make sure to report any bug, problem or ideas you’re encountering.

Have a good night friends and have fun with rsm!