Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2017

Hello everyone! So guess what just started? You guessed it. It’s the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2017. Last year, I took part in the 2016 edition of the contest. And it was an incredible experience. So what else could I do this year but take part again in the contest? I’m eager to start making this game. And once again, we’re going to be using Unreal Engine.

So what are the rules this year? Well the theme is simple: Playing with time. Sounds simple right? Not really. Because with that comes certain constraint such as: Networking(2 players), AI, Asymetric gameplay. This will be an incredible challenge and I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of it.

During the contest, I’ll try to keep this blog updated with stuff about the contest(and not about it), but I won’t be able to say anything that his more or less private and secret concerning the game. After all, it is a competition and I wouldn’t want someone from another team finding out what we’re doing.

On such, have fun people!

Ubisoft Swag 2017