Still Alive

Hey there everyone!

It’s been a while no? Now why is that? Well I’ve been real busy with a new job, school and tons of other personnal stuff. I’ve let go a bit about programming in general, and I’m kinda bummed about it. The good news is that I’m still alive. The other good news is that next winter will be my last semester and things should go a bit more smoothly after that. Also, I’ll try as much as possible to keep this blog updated about the project I will be doing during the semester. I don’t know yet what I will do, but you’ll know as soon as I know.

Meanwhile, keep programming!

rsm_utils becomes rsm and is now version 1.0

So recently, I worked on rsm_utils again. Why? Mostly because I worked on another project that used it. And I came to realise that I’ve never released an official version 1.0. So what did I do? Well exactly that. I tagged a revision of git to Version 1.0. Isn’t that cool? And with that came a small renaming. I removed utils. I’ve been using rsm, RSM, Really Simply Made for a while. I’ve never really liked the “utils”, and even the namespace was only rsm(or RSM at first). So bye-bye utils.

What’s next?

Well I decided to a project in GitHub called Version 1.1. It will contain fixes, enhancements, new features. So make sure to report any bug, problem or ideas you’re encountering.

Have a good night friends and have fun with rsm!

Update on The Followers

Hello everyone!

As some of you already know, I have recently decided to open source most of my old projects. As such, I went back to my old project I made back in 2012: The Followers. I had made a small update in 2014. Removing some dependencies, porting the code to Cmake and making it compile on other platforms(it was previously only on Windows). Now we’re 3 years later. And guess what? The code doesn’t compile really. So what did I do? Well I fixed the compiling mecanism with Cmake. To do this, I’ve decided I was gonna make SFML a submodule of the project. I also cleaned the repository.

And now, for the source code: GitHub repository

Have fun!

The day I decided to open my code

About 10 years ago, when I started programming(okay I started doing php 13 years ago, but we don’t talk about the dark ages) I remember reading about Open Source. I was curious. Why would anyone want to share their secret? I was young and the code I was making meant so much to me. It was written BY me. I was proud. Even though the code was bad. To me, it meant revealing the secrets, if a vulnerability was present, could be exploited. I didn’t see any advantages and did not understand the interest.

Stepping into sharing

Fast forward to a few years ago(maybe 6). My point on open source has changed a bit. I understand the concept and why people would do so. By then, I had a few time the occasion of posting on forums and helping other as well. When you have a problem, you find out quite fast that explaining the problem without showing some code, at least a Minimal, Complete and Verifiable example. I remember the first time I showed some code, I was scared and ashamed. I thought people would judge my code. God was I wrong. People were friendly, helpful. Telling me what was wrong, but also what was good and how I could make it even better. This was my first step into this world.

Open sourcing my code

In the last year, I took the decision of opening most of my projects. What has changed? Well for one, I realised that the hardest judge is always ourselves. Sure, there might come someone who will judge your code and treat you like nothing, but that’s the kind of people you ought to ignore. So I’ve decided to open the source of projects that dates of 3years ago, and maybe even further. The code is mostly awful, I was learning, there is so many bad practices and security issues. But it’s also the occasion for me to show the evolution of my knowledge through time. It’s also for me an opportunity to update old code and make it crossplatform. A lot of what I did was not crossplatform and mostly on Windows. Now that I know the power of CMake, I just have to update things. It’s also, and this is probably the most important part, the occasion to share code with friends and collegues, to get their opinion and feedback so I can not only learn and progess, but get better.

The advantages of open sourcing your code

There are many advantages to opening your code:

  • Learning
  • Feedback
  • Security
  • and more..

Like I previously said, it’s a fantastic occasion to get feedback from people and to learn. But what about security? How is it an advantage you might ask? After all, it might exposes security risk. Well the truth is, even if it’s not open, someone might try to break through you things. And the chances of him succeeding if there is a security issue are higher than you think. That is if you’re an interesting target. But let me tell you open sourcing your code for security is an advantage. Because if someone spot the security flaw, he can tell you, or even suggest a fix. There is more chance you’ll have help and support than problems.

So go ahead, open your code. No one will judge you, and it’ll only be beneficial.

Travis is back

Hey there everyone! Two weeks ago, I posted that I updated RSM utils. I also said that I removed Travis CI from the project because it couldn’t build correctly. Well it’s back. Thanks to a my friend eXpl0it3r, I was able to get the right configuration and I am now able to build and run my test cases correctly. Awesome right? Well yeah, and no. Because if you take a look, you might notice that I have a test case that sometimes segfault, only on clang. A single one. Now you probably have figred out where I’m going with this. You guys are more than welcomed to review my code, and do pull requests. I’ll review it and if it’s good I’ll merge it. So test my stuff, use it. Have fun with it!

Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2017

Hello everyone! So guess what just started? You guessed it. It’s the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2017. Last year, I took part in the 2016 edition of the contest. And it was an incredible experience. So what else could I do this year but take part again in the contest? I’m eager to start making this game. And once again, we’re going to be using Unreal Engine.

So what are the rules this year? Well the theme is simple: Playing with time. Sounds simple right? Not really. Because with that comes certain constraint such as: Networking(2 players), AI, Asymetric gameplay. This will be an incredible challenge and I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of it.

During the contest, I’ll try to keep this blog updated with stuff about the contest(and not about it), but I won’t be able to say anything that his more or less private and secret concerning the game. After all, it is a competition and I wouldn’t want someone from another team finding out what we’re doing.

On such, have fun people!

Ubisoft Swag 2017

RSM Utils Update

So some of you might know this, I have this utility library that I’ve started a while ago to help me with a few things. Mostly it’s stuff that I repeat over and over in every project. I also add a few things here and there. But one thing was bothering me. I was tired that it was causing a certain dependancy with a dll/so file. The library being distributed under zlib/png license, to me it didn’t made sense to have this dependancy, even if the code is open source. What I really wanted was to be able to just include the file you are interested in, and voila.

So what did I do? I removed the dependancy. Removed all the .cpp files, removed the generation of a library file, and re-organised the class accordingly. So now, we finally have a header-only utility library. And it works just as well. Also you guys might have noticed that I removed the Travis-CI file. The latest addition to the library requires threads, and I can’t have them with Travis-CI. Finally everyone, remember that you are more than welcomed to do pull requests or to submit issues if you notice anything’s wrong.

On such, take care everyone and have fun!

Simple Password Generator

Hey what is up everyone? It has been a while. I’ve been so busy, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue writing stuff. But I’m back, at least for now. And I’m back with a simple online tool for you people who need a password, but don’t want to bother generating one. I present to you my online Password Generator which let you generate easily passwords.

How to use it?

How does it work? Well you really have three possibility. First of all you can go on the landing page. On this page you can give information to the system on how you want your password to look like. But this is long. The second solution is doing a regular GET request to password generated page. This will generate a 12 character long password that may contain letters(capital or not), number and special characters. Finally, you can also do a POST request to the same page, but this time containing information on how you want your password to look like, much like how the landing page do it.

But where’s the code?

As usual, like most of my projects and stuff, the code for this is open source. You can find the code here. The tool is developped in ruby using sinatra. You are more than welcomed to contribute to this project. And don’t forget to follow my Github for more projects.

Until then, take care everyone!

Astral Tides: The adventure continue!

Hey everyone! This is a just a small post to say that the team behind Astral Tides(which includes me) has decided to continue working on the game. Although some of us are student or have a full time job, we think we can actually finish this thing and have something come out of it. So I’d gladly appreciate it if you guys could follow the game either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. All three is even better. And there is the website of course. We’ll posting soon more information on what we intend to do, and how’s the progress on the game. So you better get on those to make sure that you get all the latest information about the game.

Finally, I’ll let you go guys with a 2 minutes video we had to do for a presentation about the game. Enjoy!


Hey there! Been a while hasn’t it? So what has been up with me? Well I’ve been pretty busy with school and work, but that’s the usual. What I’m writing about is the event that occured last week-end. I’m talking about the hackathon organized by GSOFT, the #SlackathonMTL. The hackathon theme was very simple: For a better workplace. And as you may have figure out already, the hackathon revolved around Slack. In fact, we had to make a SlackBot for Slack that respected the theme. In a total of 24h. From Saturday 9:30AM to Sunday 9:30AM. And wow, we did good.

Here comes Schedulo

For our bot, we decided to tackle a specific problem that arise in every organisation, the struggle of setting up meetings. We figured out that when you want to schedule a meeting, as soon as you need more than 3 persons in that meeting, it gets painful to setup. Finding the right moment that everyone is free, for how long, etc. is not easy. And the more people that needs to be in the meeting, the more painful it gets to organized. And this is where Schedulo comes in play. Our bot uses natural language processing to analyse what is going on in the conversation and figure out that you want a meeting. It tracks specific keyword to be sure he won’t start the process of a meeting for nothing. And once it starts the process of a meeting it’s very easy, Schedulo will pull out the calendar of the different members in the channel that could be useful in the meeting and find the best moment that a meeting could be scheduled for the team members. And if somebody can’t at that moment for whatever reason, he can say it and Schedulo will find another moment that fits the best for everyone. And once the everyone is happy with a date, it put the meeting diretly in your calendar. That simple.

The challenge

Now, unlike most hackathon in which I took part, this one focus was more on the marketing and sale than on the code itself. But we didn’t know that before end and so we arrived 4 programmers, ready to rock the code. That hurted us, because we had to do a pitch sale and present the project in front of two judges to go to the final round, and present in front of everyone. Thankfully, a member of our team was good enough to make a nice slideshow and did an incredible job to sale us, because we got into the final round, with 5 other bots. Sadly, we didn’t win. We got a special mention from the judges though.

While I’m sharing the website of the project, please keep in mind we had no designer. Yes the landing page is a disaster. Gotta deal with it! Come and see Schedulo!

On such, have a nice day friends!